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Letter To The Editor - Thank You

John Butcher

Sturgis, Mich.


To the Editor:

    Good Samaritans are still among us!

    On January 3, 2014, with Stubey Road still unplowed and snow nearly to my knees, I started walking to Sturgis. After one mile of that, I reached Fawn River Road and headed east. A man in a pickup truck stopped by and asked where I was going. I told him I was going to see a person who was very will and very dear to me at Sturgis Hospital.

    He not only took me thee, but waited for me and took me back to Stubey Road. And, as is still was not plowed, I walked home from there. I failed to get his name but he said he lived near Scott, Ind.

    I am hoping he sees this Letter to the Editor to know how very much his action was appreciated.