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Letter to the editor - Thank You

Roberta Markley

President, Shipshewana

Area Historical Society


To the Editor:

The reflection of the 1965 Palm Sunday tornado held at the Shipshewana-Scott School was a success with the help of the community and members of the Shipshewana Area Historical Society.

Mike Hoffman, meteorologist from Channel 16, was our main speaker and his input into the chances when a storm is looking imminent, take reports serious, and be prepared with a plan for the whole family. He gave us the causes of most storms and how the technology today can predict more accurate weather. Very interesting.

We had some members of the community share their stories of the 1965 tornado. We will have more stories available at the historical museum in the Farver School building. Stop in and enjoy the stories along with many other historical displays of the area.

A big thank you to Al Yoder who spearheaded the event. He is the historian for our society and events. Our next event will be the Reminisces Day July 17-18.

Thank you to everyone who helped at the event. Your help was deeply appreciated.