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Letter To The Editor - Thank You


Kay Winslette



To the Editor:

Thank you!

Those two simple words are sometimes never enough to express the appreciation for the outpouring of love from a caring community. My family and I were overwhelmed with the success of the Hog Roast and Silent Auction held on Saturday, March 2, at the Topeka Fire Station. 

I wish it were possible to thank each and every person who donated items, purchased items, worked so hard to prepare and serve food, as well as those that enjoyed the supper and the fellowship.

Special thanks go to Sheriff Terry Martin and the LaGrange County Sheriff's Department, Tom Fitch and the Shipshewana Police Department, Carl Stoltz and the Topeka Police Department, and Stewart Bender and the Topeka Fire Department. The auxiliary members of these departments and spouses of officers deserve special thanks also.

I am proud to call LaGrange County my home.