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Letter To The Editor - Thank You


Sarah Miles

Detroit, Mich.


To the Editor:

I am hoping that this person hears me saying thank you.  We are from Indianapolis, and moving to Detroit, Mich. We were going into Sturgis when we had a flat tire. My husband is disabled, though he does not appear to be.

As he was trying to replace the tire, a man on a motorcycle pulled up and asked if he could help. He ended up changing the tire, followed us to the gas station by the toll road, aired up our spare, and then helped us find a place that could replace the blown tire. He would not accept any money from us, nor even give me a last name. He just thanked my husband for his service to our country – we have Purple Heart plates on our car.

To the man on the motorcycle, thank you for all of your help. You had on a Mongo Fire Rescue shirt that Google says is in the area. I hope that you see this and know what a difference you made to us this day.