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Letter To The Editor - Technology in the classroom

Francisco Castro



To the Editor:

    Technology is advancing into the educational environment, giving students a jump start into something that they could expect to be doing further in life. Technology helps students with resource and helps them get help when they need it. Teachers and students can communicate with other peers and staff via electrical devices, this makes operations run smoother. Technology improves educational experiences, from teacher to student involvement to in-class projects and presentations. Technology is available to everyone, and it is also possible to go to a location that provides a computer or internet such as a library or a location with public internet access. Technology is everywhere, and can’t be avoided.

    The percentage of students that have access to internet or a computer during school is at an astonishing 96 percent. Even younger graduating classes have access to class sets of Apple iPads, which makes their learning more enriching. This is also giving them an advantage over those who didn’t grow up learning how to use devices or those who aren’t as experienced. Younger generations are able to obtain resource that can be found online, or otherwise wouldn’t be known of without using the devices that are available to us.

    Schools are a place where students come to learn, and their learning is benefited by having technology available in their classes. Even when the teacher isn’t present that day, they would still be able to access the lesson or the activity of the day by going to links that were provided by the teacher. A good way that the teacher could give the lesson from home would be to use video communication programs, like Skype. This way, there wouldn’t be a need to find someone else to teach the class. The lesson would be projected for the whole class, or could be used to have a one-on-one experience with the teacher who isn’t present. The same could be used at home; a student could use programs such as Skype to contact a teacher for a further explanation of the topic or the activity. As well as use it to contact teammates or other peers for help.

    Using technology in an educational environment is just another way of learning. Students have to act professional with the devices that are provided to them by their school, therefore teaching them how to act in a professional environment and having to be under those situations where they can feel comfortable with the tools that are provided to them.











    Technology is definitely going in a positive direction when it comes to an educational environment, and should continue to advance. This just adds on to the experiences that happen and are lived by those who go to a school that can provide these benefits. More schools should follow by example and upgrade their facilities to be more technologically inclined.