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Letter To The Editor - Syria


Les Garmire


To the Editor:

Syrian President Assad’s regime continues to use his army to murder hundreds of innocent civilians as part of a vicious campaign of violence against unarmed Syrian demonstrators. What are we witnessing in Syria is another tragic outrage in the Middle East that requires immediate condemnation back by specific measures from the United States, United Nations and all of the international community. President Obama needs to make clear whose side America is n, back up our rhetoric with action, and clearly articulate why Syria matters to the United States. Clearly, we are on the side of the Syrian people longing for freedom and challenging the regime’s corrupt and repressive rule. I believe the Obama administration needs to speak directly to the Syrian people to communicate American support for their legitimate demands, condemn Assad’s murderous campaign against innocent civilians, sternly warn Assad and his cohorts that they cannot continue grossly violating human rights, supporting terrorism and sowing instability among Syria’s neighbors.

But Obama must back up his words by clear firm actions. While Syria is already under heave U.S. sanctions as a designated state sponsor of terrorism, America should expand sanctions to include persons identified as authorizing, planning as well as participating in deplorable human rights violations against unarmed civilians, especially women and children. America has an obligation to weigh in strongly about the current situation in Syria. For years, its regime has aided the terrorist operations of Hezbollah and Hamas, supported Iran’s destabilizing policies, and assisted terrorists in killing Americans in Iraq. Assad’s regime has not only destabilized the region but also directly acted against the national security interests of the United Stated and its allies. Obama must stop sitting on the sidelines as innocent Syria people are mowed down by Assad’s tanks and cities are destroyed.

The United States could implement the following steps:

·        Provide the rebel army with better weapons, night vision goggles, RPGs and better communication equipment. All this would likely enable the Syrian people to neutralize Assad’s tanks and possibly reclaim towns.

·        Establish a No-Fly zone (carrier based aircraft) as we did in Libya, preventing Assad from destroying cities and people at will.

·        A naval blockade of Syrian ports would help prevent arms shipments to the regime.

No US ground forces or direct confrontation with Assad’s army, but ways to provide the rebel forces and civilians a fighting opportunity to defend and protect themselves and families. It’s time for America to stand up for basic humanitarians rights.

America’s Navy says, “A Global Force for Good.” Its time to use it.