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Letter To The Editor - State Education

Alan Middleton

Superintendent, Prairie Heights Community Schools

Mike Travis

President, Prairie Heights Education Association


To the Editor:

It is a sad day for public education as the changing of A-F school grades by the IDOE during the Bennett administration is being revealed.

The IDOE presented their case for improved accountability in education through numerous legal and policy changes. Parents were told they would be able to easily see the performance of schools with the A-F grading system. It's been a rocky road and now it seems it has led to a loss of integrity due to the actions of the previous state school superintendent. Changing a grade for a charter school because of political reasons puts at risk all the A-F grading data given to public schools. When, where and what other data was misrepresented for the appearance of being successful? Does the end justify the means? 

We support State Superintendent Glenda Ritz’s investigation into this matter and hope she can restore her department's reputation for all schools in Indiana. Our profession can handle the tasks we have been given, but only if the IDOE is fair and consistent. Please support our children and our schools.