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Letter To The Editor - Speed Limit


Wayne and Helen Quick



To the Editor:

     Our home is located on Wayne Street in Howe. In case you are not aware of the location, it is the last street running east and west connecting SR 9 to SR 120.

     You will see a sign posted at each end of our street stating 20 MPH and also “No Trucks Allowed.” Are you the person driving 20 MPH? In case you are, you are 1 in 50. Perhaps the 20 MPH should be increased to 25 MPH.

     Apparently, semis, box trucks, all sizes of delivery trucks, school buses, lots of garbage trucks, and heavy farm equipment loaded with vegetables and field and seed corn are not considered to be trucks.

     Traffic entering Wayne Street from the north often does not stop. There have been many “almost accidents,” especially from 5th Street leading south from the post office.

     We have walkers, joggers, and bicycle riders of all ages who are often ignored by the traffic on Wayne Street. This occurs often in the early morning and late afternoon and evenings.

     We need help to improve and enforce our speed limits and keep the wonderful people in and around Howe safe.

     We also have loud barking dogs night and day. Several neighbors have reported this disturbance. Officers have come. However, these dogs are still here. What will it take to improve this situation?

     We do have a Howe Community Association. However, we need someone with authority to enforce our speed limits and obey our restrictions that are posted.

     We love our neighbors and friends and we feel we deserve an officer of the law full time to help to keep our town of Howe peaceful and safe.

     This letter is not intended to blame anyone or put anyone down. We are only suggesting that we need someone to patrol and keep order in Howe.