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Letter To The Editor - Softball Thank You

Wendy Petty

LaGrange DCS Office



To the Editor:

The Indiana Department of Child Services (LaGrange County) hosted its third annual softball tournament on September 21 at the LaGrange Town Park to raise money for the Reason4Hope Organization. Gwen Hershberger from DCS organized the event.

There were four teams represented as follows: Bowen Counseling Center, Officer Juan Arroyo and Lakeland parents, and two Department of Child Services teams which were composed of children and adults from Steuben and LaGrange counties.

A special thank you to Roy Stidham for umpiring all the games.

A total of $160 will be given to the Reason4 Hope Organization. There was a picnic also that everyone enjoyed. I wanted to thank everyone for participating and donating their time in the tournament.