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Letter To The Editor - Sheriff candidate

Jainine Mellinger, LaGrange


Letter to the Editor:


    Hello, my name is Janine Mellinger. My husband, Randy Mellinger is running for LaGrange County Sheriff. Many of you know Randy or at least think you know him. I would like to take a few moments to introduce each of you to the Randy Mellinger that I know.

    As lifelong residents of LaGrange County, his parents both graduated from LaGrange High School and Randy from Lakeland High School. We chose to stay in the community to raise our family because of the wonderful experiences we both had growing up here.

    Randy is a wonderful husband and father who works hard for his family. Working two jobs most of our married life he still finds the time to do the yard work, wash the dishes, run the kids to their activities and volunteer his time in the community. He has a heart first for God and second for his family and community.

    Randy’s huge heart extends to everything from choking up for our National Anthem to volunteering for different causes around the county without expecting any recognition. The man who I am describing to you has been known to plow a widow’s driveway, helping neighbors and a retired officer clean up storm damage at their homes before cleaning up damage at his own home, visiting a sick co-worker or stopping to buy a pork burger from a fundraiser even though he already ate lunch. This is the Randy that I know; a man who puts others before himself

    I could go on and on but instead, I challenge you to talk to Randy and get to know him for yourself.