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Letter To The Editor - Sewer Project



Fred L. Taylor



To the Editor:

    On June 9, 2012 I attended the Shipshewana Community Lake Association's (SCLIA) one and only members meeting. I paid my $10 and found out I could not vote for any board members or officers. Oh yeah, now they have Shipshewana police officers at their meetings which are out of their jurisdiction. Just call them and you will find out you must call the sheriff’s department.

    Anyway, at the end of the meeting I handed the president of the SCLIA a letter stating I wanted to see the association’s financial records. Since they are a not-for-profit organization I have the right to see them. They filed a 501c in 1989 with the state and file a 990 form with the federal government.

    Now I have written letters in the past to you, where I have stated how I distrust SCLIA and LCRUD.

    Today my mailman delivered a certified letter and two non-certified letters from SCLIA board. Here is what they said and I quote:

    Certified Letter:

    “Dear Mr. Taylor:

    As per current procedure, we are writing to advise you that your application for membership in the S.C.L.I.A. has been reviewed and denied. Accordingly we are returning your check #5377 of June 9th.



    Board of Directors”

    Same letter came regular mail. Also they sent me another letter via regular mail, it reads and I quote:

    “Dear Mr. Taylor:

    We are writing to advise you that your request for access to the association’s financial records is being denied.



Board of Directors”

    Now these are the same people that brought you the GREAT Shipshewana West Sewer project along with LCRUD. They are a not-for-profit and they cry for money but they spent a little over $6.50 to tell me they didn't want my money and I couldn't see their books. I wonder if they would show the IRS? I have found out that if you don't like what they say or disagree with them, they don't want you in their little association. This goes to show you, they appear to be hiding something.

    I hope when the time comes this Board of Directors understands they are all liable for all financial records. Don't take my word for it – ask the IRS. They can audit them and guess what? All records are to be shown.

    These are the same people that have no problem asking our state government for grant money. The problem I have with that is these are the same people that don’t want you or me to know anything about their financial records. But have no problem asking our government for a handout. Sound familiar? (It was called a bailout, then.)