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Letter To The Editor - Sewer Project


Fred L. Taylor



To the Editor:

    I am replying to Mr. Troy Sutton’s letter. Mr. Sutton, you say LCRUD is not to make or lose money, am I correct? Then tell me why they made over $700,000 last year but refused to lower the consumer’s sewer bill one red cent.

    You know, Mr. Sutton, I am grateful for what these camps at Shipshewana Lake have provide our young people. And yes, I know life isn’t fair. Because if it were, if, ands, and buts would be candy and nuts and we all would have a Merry Xmas. What I was trying to say – I’ll try to make it simple for you – is we should have a choice to be able to purchase a meter ourselves. You do know the meaning of choice?

Now then, YOU didn’t find it fair that one homeowner delayed construction of the sewers. You stated they filed frivolous lawsuits. Well guess what, this is AMERICA and they can file as many lawsuits as their little hearts desire. Also you talked about stable rate base and it cannot be achieved with metering systems. Is that why almost every city in America meters their systems? Well, I’m certain the meter would be fair to the consumer. Not having a meter makes the sewer district money. Oh, I forgot, they don’t make money.

 Answer me this question, Mr. Sutton, since you seem to have all the answers. Why put a meter on the main line going to the wastewater plant from Shipshewana Lake? Do you think if they get an overabundance of wastewater from the Shipshe West project they won’t raise rates?

 What about the elderly living on the lake on a fixed income? Do you want them to move just because they don’t want the sewers? That’s what it sounds like to me, it’s your way or the highway.

 From the scuttlebutt I hear, the reason you support the sewers, Mr. Sutton, is that you want to add more bedrooms on. If that’s the case you go find a lake with sewers, because my family has owned property on Shipshe Lake for over 65 years, not for less than seven like yourself. So I say to you, Mr. Sutton, my family will still be here when you’re dead and gone. Don’t they have lakes in California?

 You also state that SCLIA is in fact an association of people interested in improving the lake. Then why didn’t they find the information I did? Also why didn’t you e-mail me to get the information? Then you could have been the one to inform the association about it.

 Also, regarding me wanting to increase the speed limit on the lake. The answer is yes and so does almost 70 percent of the abutting property owners. Does the association have that much support for sewers? That is called democracy – they need to learn what that word means.

Plus to the CABAL association plotting to dip into my wallet. Oh yeah, I take offense to that. Like I said, they didn’t ask the property owners what they wanted, they told them what they were getting.

When one man asked Mr. Weideman if he had heard any more about the sewers he told him “No.” The next thing you know, up go signs about a meeting that sewers are coming. Now there’s your CABAL association for you. And believe you me it wasn’t what they want or need. Sewers won’t make your property value go up, that’s utter hogwash, whoever told you that. Poo has to go somewhere for your house to be able to be habitable. It either goes to a septic system or to city sewers. The price of your property does not go up if you have city sewers, you have been misinformed. Now then, an all-sport lake will increase your property value 10-15 percent. Wouldn’t you like your property value to increase $16,380 to $24,570, Mr. Sutton?

 Like my mother-in-law used to say: “He’s just a big fish in a little pond.” Except this pond is a 202-acre lake.