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Letter To The Editor - Sewer Project


Robert Fiedler

Evergreen Park, Ill.

landowner on



To the Editor:

    Tax filings are finished, and I’m still thinking about how government and quasi-governmental agencies spend money. In particular I’m thinking about how the LaGrange County Regional Utility District has spent money.

    I still believe an answer is due as to why LCRUD paid to have an outside consultant calculate and codify an impressive list of commercial user rates for the Shipshewana West project, even though commercial users are specifically prohibited in agreements that LCRUD signed for the project.

    Looking back through records provided by LCRUD to us a while back, I also have a couple observations and questions about some other money they spent. It seems that a partnership that did business with LCRUD was paid some pretty good sums of money that was described on LCRUD records as reimbursement for toll roads. The funny thing is that this partnership had two offices, one in LaGrange about two blocks away from the LCRUD office and the other about 50 miles away in Fort Wayne.

    I think it’s a dirty shame if the Town of LaGrange charged a toll for anyone in the employ of this partnership to drive the two blocks between the two offices and I’d say vote out anyone that was behind such a ridiculous charge. In reality I’m pretty sure that there was no such toll charged by the Town of LaGrange, leaving me to wonder exactly where is this toll road between Fort Wayne and LaGrange, and why isn’t it shown on any maps?? $700 plus, even $800 plus classified as toll reimbursement for a month would mean a lot of driving on a toll road and I just don’t see how such charges could be even remotely possible.

    LCRUD paid for them, though.

    I’d guess that milking the cow is profitable business in dairy country.