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Letter To The Editor - Sewer Project


Ron Kantorak

A ratepayer and resident on Pretty Lake


To the Editor:

A number of bills have been introduced to this session of Indiana Congress in both House and Senate that will inhibit, and in some cases, actually reverse the cleanup of our lakes, rivers and drinking water or at a minimum will significantly increase the cost of regional sewer districts and therefore the cost of service to the existing ratepayers and future rate payers at no improvement to service. Those bills are as follows SB 0205, SB 0204, SB0385, HB 1184, and the most onerous HB 1497. 

 The introduction of these bills is solely the direct result of a very vocal minority persistently bombarding our representatives with emotional outcries and misinformation. Please educate yourself on these bills by Googling: Indiana General Assembly and checking out each bill, in particular HB 1497. Legislation was just passed last year impacting regional sewer districts and now proposed legislation intends on unreasonably doing more.

I would encourage your readers to contact the following representatives and express your concern for the safety of our recreational and drinking water and not to pass any further legislation inhibiting the good work of regional sewer districts or legislation that will increase the cost of sewer service for existing or future ratepayers.

This legislation is happening fast. The first hearing was yesterday 2/6/2013.

A subcommittee was formed to review the proposed law consisting of proponents and opponents. It will then head back to the environmental committee on Wednesday 2/13/2013 for a possible vote that will send the bill to the floor. 

 We need the silent majority to speak up in defense of the regional sewer districts. Please be heard.

  The environmental affairs committee members and email addresses are:

Chairman Rep. David Wolkins

RMM Rep. Sue Errington

Rep. Patrick Bauer

Rep. Ryan Dvorak

Rep. Sean Eberhart

Rep William C. Friend

Rep. Don Lehe

Rep. Jim Lucas

Rep. L. Jack Lutz

Rep Tim Neese

Rep. Matt Pierce

Rep. Heath VanNatter

HB 1497 Authored by:

Rep Dennis Zent

Coauthored by:

Rep. David Lee Ober

Rep.Benjamin Smaltz

Rep Matthew S. Lehman