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Letter To The Editor - Sewer Project


Troy Sutton



To the Editor:

     On September 9 as I was driving around Shipshewana lake on CR 900W, I came across two of my neighbors measuring the distance from the exposed sewer pipe to the edge of the lake. Right then I knew that the next objection Robert and Dianne Fiedler would have to the Shipshewana West sewer project would have to do with where the pipe was buried. Sure enough, the Fiedlers sent a letter to God and everybody suggesting the sewer contractor isn’t following the project specifications.

     I have to ask, what’s the point?

     Let’s make no mistake here, the sewer project will be completed and everyone whose property is within so many feet of the line will be required to connect. The LaGrange County Regional Utility District (LCRUD) operates this project, but we own it. That’s why we get to pay the bill for it. A bill that would have been far less if the project had been completed four or five years ago as originally planned.

     Unfortunately, the project was delayed due to a series of frivolous lawsuits brought by the Fiedlers. Now our cost has increased due to five years of inflation and legal expenses. Recently Mr. Fiedler suggested that while construction takes place we should pay no more than the interest on the loan, vice half of the full operational bill that we are paying. I may not be an accountant, but I do know that making interest only payments on a loan only increases the cost of the loan and the length of time it takes to pay it off.

     The Fiedlers, along with seven other neighbors, object so strongly to implementation of a sanitary sewer protecting our drinking water and the lake that they have decided not to sign the easement allowing the placement of grinder pumps on their property. For this, perhaps, the rest of us should thank them as it slightly reduces the construction cost they have inflated through their other actions. When all is said and done, these eight neighbors will pay their own connection and maintenance costs.

     It seems disingenuous for the Fiedlers to now be objecting to the placement of the sewer line. I’m sure LCRUD will have a fully qualified inspector (as opposed to weekend warrior neighbors) signing off on the entire project. The only motivation I can see for this latest objection coming from our Chicago neighbor is to add more cost to the project. An additional cost that all of us will have to bear.