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Letter To The Editor - Sewer Project


Fred Taylor

Greenfield, Ind. and
Shipshewana Lake


To the Editor:

     This is my second time sitting down and writing this letter to you. The first one, I was so upset reading letters to you from Ron Kantorak and Steve Weideman.

     Here is where the problem lies. First with Mr. Weideman supposedly taking a survey those property owners supposedly signed. That was from well over ten years ago to LCRUD. If it doesn’t exist, it’s outdated – that was his first mistake. The second one was not getting a current one – but wait. He is exempt from anyone’s opinion except his and the Shipshewana Lake Association Board, which his wife is treasurer of and his sister sits on the board along with him.

     Mr. Weideman, if you are willing to pay $10,000 to $15,000 for a septic system, can I be your middle man? I like making money and at that price, I can make plenty as a go-between or your general contractor.

     Plus, Mr. Weideman, where did the lake association get $95,000 to pay the Town of Shipshewana for upgrades to their sewer lift stations? This was in the paper and was to be paid by March 31, 2008, and you first went to them on Sept. 23, 2003. Why were the property owners not notified then? Was it to keep people in the dark? It seems to me in your little “association” you are president of likes to do things that way.

     When Mr. Weideman is asked about financial records about where money was spent for a dredging project, his wife will pipe up and tell you to “ask the state.” No, Mr. Weideman, you are the president of the lake association aren’t you? When I asked Denny Davis, the vice president, about it over two years ago, he said he would get it and guess what? I’m still waiting.

     I believe that out of all the property owners around Shipshewana Lake, they might have 10 percent as members of the lake association. And I use 10 percent on the high side. So do us all a favor, Mr. Weideman, resign along with the rest of your cronies and turn all financial records over and let the property owners of Shipshewana Lake have their lake back.

     Furthermore, you state over $636,000 has been spent in “anticipated government funds” on this project. That is why our country is in debt, because it’s people like you that spend money that’s not there. It’s like I “anticipate” winning the lottery, except before I do I spend $636,000 plus and never hit the lottery.

     You know you are accountable for what you have done. Like spending funds without property owners’ approval. But wait. I forgot you don’t need anyone’s approval, do you?