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Letter To The Editor - Relay for Life


If you were anywhere but in the gym at Lakeland High School on April 27 then you missed an incredible experience!

The Disability/Relay for Life walk involved over 250 people. This the 8th year the gym was transformed into an atmosphere of fun, challenges, parachutes, balloons, a maze, petting zoo, bowling, shuffleboard, necklaces, cookie decoration, dominos, and many stuffed animals and prizes. Hot dogs were served for lunch and T-shirts were given to every participant and helper.

So many people contributed in making this day fun and challenging, a day that leaves a lasting impression upon so many students. We would like to thank the following: LaGrange Community Foundation, LIFE, E&S Sales, Hawkins Water, LaGrange Standard-News, Topeka Pharmacy, Ben’s Bakery, Eden Worship Center, WalMart, NEISEC Transportation, Schlemmer Hardware, LaGrange County Sheriff’s Association, LaGrange County Fire Department, American Cancer Society, Lakeland FFA, Lakeland Art Club, Matt Gingerich, Sarah Birch, Skye Turco, Adam Eaton, Monica Stidham, Michelle Myers, Lauren Unternaher, Steve Sherck, Katie Allen, Robbie Miller, Jeff Conrad, Larry Cushing, Don Brown, Roger Russell, Penny Oakley, Diana Gray, John Wood, Jim Sparrow, Linda Drumm, Mary Beth Hirtzel, Leslee Keeslar, Judy Dowen, Marie Dwight, Hope Collins, Heidi Collins, Westview Functional Skills Peer tutors, and Lakeland, Prairie Heights and Westview High School student helpers.