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Letter To The Editor - Red Cross


Jo Schrader

Operations Coordinator

LaGrange County America Red Cross


To the Editor:

Thanks to the Red Cross’s “Everyday Heroes”

Here in LaGrange County it feels so very good to be able to say “Thank You” to the “Everyday Heroes” who give of themselves in support of the mission of the American Red Cross. The month of March is nationally recognized as Red Cross month and all you have to do is look around when you are driving through one of our communities to notice how LaGrange County responds. Every community is flying at least one Red Cross flag for the entire month along with our United States flag. Some of our high schools are also participating.

The Red Cross of LaGrange County wishes to celebrate and recognize those in our community who in some way give of themselves to help others through the mission of the American Red Cross. These volunteers give of themselves by giving of their time to help their neighbors, by bringing educational programs to our youngsters that teach lifelong learning skills, by participating in blood drives, by taking classes that enhance their own skills to provide assistance in a time of someone else’s need, by being on call 24/7 to assist when a fire destroys a home, by making a financial contribution and by giving freely of their time and leadership skills to help chart a course for the local organization.

Currently led by Jesslyn Senecal, Chair, the LaGrange County Advisory Council has followed a strategic plan that has raised the awareness of county residents to the many benefits offered by Red Cross programs. Thanks Jesslyn and all past and current council members! With additional support and insights from Cathy Miller and Kevin Lambright, liaisons to the Elkhart County Chapter Board, the local council has successfully initiated a collaborative program with Parkview-LaGrange EMS, LaGrange County Sheriff’s Department, DNR, REMC, local police and fire departments and state police to deliver a Health and Safety Camp to all 4th grade public schools students this year. Thank you! Another new program has been completed by Lakeland High School senior Maria Nancy Ramirez for her Edge senior project. She envisioned, developed a plan and obtained student and faculty buy-in to organize a Red Cross Youth Club at Lakeland High School. It is the first youth club to be established in northern Indiana. Thank you Nancy and to faculty members and administrators of Lakeland High School.

Thanks also to the many philanthropic organizations that have agreed with the value and need to support Red Cross emergency preparedness programs, educational programs and the value of honoring our local volunteers who give so freely of their time. And a last - but not least - thank you to those of you who give financially. I have been truly humbled to see how this community responds when given the opportunity to support local and national programs that make a difference - everyday. Thank you to the “Everyday Heroes” of LaGrange County