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Letter To The Editor - Reason 4 Hope


Holly Nater and

Jamelle Godlewski

Reason 4 Hope


To the Editor:

A big thank you!

We, Holly Nater and Jamelle Godlewski, of Reason 4 Hope want to try and thank some very special people and businesses for what they have done for our ministry and organization over the past few years. We hope we don’t miss any, please forgive us if we do.

We have been very blessed to have so many offer advice and support (financial and otherwise). Last year with our first big program, HOPE Tour Block Parties, to our current/new endeavor, HOPE Café; we couldn’t do it without so many helping out.

Thank you to LaGrange First United Methodist, Brighton Chapel and LaGrange Christian Fellowship for their support, encouragement and partnership. Thank you to Angola Christian Church, who even though they know most of our work is in LaGrange County, they value what we do and support us.

Thank you to Amber Trowbridge Taylor for tolerating us and helping us through our accounting chaos.

Thank you to LaGrange Chamber of Commerce (Beth and Ashley) and FOCUS LaGrange for help with promoting, marketing and getting us involved and meeting others in the community.

There are not enough words to thank Foltz Bakery, Our Place in LaGrange, Hometown Restaurant and The Gathering Place in Howe for your in-kind donations.

Thank you to many other businesses that have supported other programs, whether by allowing us to put a sign in your window front or with a financial contribution. Thank you to Tammy Jackson for helping with copies and volunteering. Thank you to Marie Dwight and Judy Dowan for all of their donations (so much we once ran out of room for them) to so many of our programs – especially our HOPE Tour Block Parties and our HOPE on the Streets.

Thank you to all the local media for your coverage.

Thank you to REMC Operation Round Up and the grant we received for HOPE Café.

Thank you mom, Rochelle Olds, for your donations of needlepoint crosses and ornaments and pumpkinbread, and for helping spread the word to others.

Thank you to all of our volunteers who have helped with so many of our programs. I am sure we missed someone, if we did, once again, we apologize.

We will continue to do what we can to make a difference in LaGrange County and elsewhere. We love to share our stories, our vision, our HOPE with others. We believe each one of us can do something for someone to make a difference. We believe God has a plan of HOPE for everyone and we are very happy to share our HOPE and love with everyone. Thank You.