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Letter To The Editor - Prosecuting Attorney Update

Jeffery W. Wible

LaGrange County Prosecutor


To the Editor:

    Today I write to reflect upon 2013, which was our 11th full year in the LaGrange County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office. Before doing so, I wante4d to thank the public again for having the opportunity to serve. My family and I are very grateful.

    In the past, it has always been our goal to collect $2,000,000 in child support per year. In 2012 we fell just shy of that goal, collecting $1,988,791. That said, we were able to meet our goal in 2013, collecting $2,009,843. Although we were able to meet our $2,000,000 goal, I know that there is still a great deal of support to be collected. We look forward to the challenge of improving upon our 2013 numbers. Additionally, the child support division of the prosecutor’s office received $13,013 in performance incentive money from the federal government and was reimbursed $57,237.93 (as of October 31, 2013) from the state government for child support expenses.

    Calendar year 2013 saw an increase in the amount of executed jail sentences for felony offenders when compared to 2012. In calendar year 2012, 208 years were ordered executed by our Circuit and Superior courts for the commission of felonies. In 2013, the amount of executed time for convicted felons was 222 years. It is also important to report that of all of our misdemeanor and felony cases passed upon by the Indiana Appellate courts, no cases were reversed on appeal. I am certain that both courts are working hard to make sure that the law is followed. In the prosecutor’s office, we are going to continue to seek the very highest standard of justice while making sure that felony offenders receive appropriate sentences.

    Calendar year 2013 saw respectable results with regard to the collection of restitution. We successfully collected $44,205.25 in bad checks, which was an increase of over $3,400 from 2012. Also, we recovered $2,543.77 on behalf of LaGrange County Public Library, which was an increase of over $500. That said, in all other cases of restitution we declined from $50,614.99 in 2012 to $41,076.31 in 2013.

    With respect to the county’s infraction deferral program (speeding tickets), in 2013 we collected $201,490 which was slightly lower than 2012 when we collected $213,736. Part of that money was used to purchase tasers, dive equipment, honor guard equipment, and camera equipment for the LaGrange County Sheriff’s Department. These purchases came to $20,476. Furthermore, we purchased cameras, tasers, and meth suppression equipment for the Indiana State Police in the amount of $9,478.07.






    Additionally, we have obligated ourselves to pay for repair to the Elijah Haven residence in the approximate amount of $9,785. Also, we have used the infraction deferral fund to pay for portions of the salaries for both deputy prosecutors, two paralegals and the office’s investigator.

    Finally, on behalf of the clerk’s office, we paid for $916 worth of traffic notices.

    I look forward to the rest of this year and again, I want to thank the public for its continued support.