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Letter To The Editor - Prosecuting Attorney Race

Terry Martin



To the Editor:

To the Citizens of LaGrange County:

The Prosecuting Attorney plays a critical role in the criminal justice system, and voters should closely examine the qualifications of candidates for that office.

You know me as the current Sheriff of LaGrange County. I have worked with Tim Cain on criminal cases and believe he possesses those qualities that will make him an outstanding Prosecuting Attorney. He is an accomplished and experienced trial attorney whose primary concern is the welfare of crime victims.

His advanced law degree and other educational degrees, as well as teaching criminal justice subjects to college students, show an unmatched depth of knowledge of criminal law and procedure.

Finally, he is energetic and hard-working, which will make him a highly effective Prosecuting Attorney. I believe that he will work with, not against, law enforcement.

If you want to take repeat criminal offenders off the streets, if you want victims protected, and if you want an effective Prosecuting Attorney in the criminal justice system of LaGrange County, then I urge you to ask for a Republican ballot at the May 6 primary election and vote for Timothy (Tim) J. Cain for Prosecuting Attorney. Thank you.