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Letter To The Editor - Prosecuting Attorney Race

Tim R. Troyer

Steuben County Sheriff


To the Editor:

Who will be the next LaGrange County Prosecuting Attorney? I have been involved in law enforcement for over 27 years. The first three were in LaGrange County. I also had the privilege of serving the citizens of LaGrange County as an undercover narcotics investigator where I conducted many serious investigations. Today as Sheriff of Steuben County, my office works regularly with neighboring officials. The prosecuting attorney represents the people and is very important to keeping LaGrange County safe.

Working as Sheriff and as a narcotics investigator throughout northeast Indiana, I have had the privilege of working with many different prosecuting attorneys. The exceptional prosecuting attorneys were well educated not only in the law but also in the ever-changing methods of today’s criminals. They were confident, firm and compassionate. They never lose sight of serving the people and they always used teamwork. Exceptional prosecuting attorneys work regularly with law enforcement officials and victims of crime in a combined effort to reach fair and proper justice. Exceptional prosecuting attorneys create partnerships with bordering law enforcement officials knowing that criminals are not restricted by any boundaries. LaGrange County has such an exceptional prosecuting attorney candidate in that of Tim Cain.

Tim Cain will be a leader in prosecuting the criminals of today. Current investigations are much more technical than in years past, requiring specific ways in which they are handles. Tim Cain will lead LaGrange County forward with cutting edge education, technology, and work closely with law enforcement in modern investigation techniques that will make a strong, proactive stance against crime.

Your prosecuting attorney choice is vital to keeping you and your family safe. Tim Cain will be tough on crime to make LaGrange County a safe place to live, work, and raise a family for years to come. Tim Cain will be one of the exceptional prosecuting attorneys. I urge all the voters of LaGrange County to cast their vote May 6th for Tim Cain for you LaGrange County Prosecuting Attorney.