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Letter To The Editor - Project Based Learning

Zachery Johnston



To the Editor:

    In LaGrange County education has been changing quite frequently. Lakeland High School has gone from a traditional form of teaching to a group and project-based approach. Teachers are becoming facilitators, rather than lecturing; they assist the students in research, making sure they’re getting correct and accurate information. So, are these changes good, or are they bad?

    Coming from a student at Lakeland High School, these changes are noticeable and irritating to start. The idea of a New Tech affiliation is a great idea, but to work it must be implemented in the right way. What we think New Tech is, is a group of students, not definite in size, who all do their share of the work; but what actually happens is one or possibly more of the people in the group sitting doing nothing. This is why I would prefer traditional school. Though Project Based Learning when done correctly is a very good resource and prepares us for a future in the business world, and in preparation to work with people in a professional environment. Being done correctly is exactly what has happened, teachers now group the people who are known for being lazy together, and the people who excel past excellent together.

    Project Based Learning could be a very good thing, if utilized correctly. The beginning of the 2012 school year was a mess. As a Lakeland student I can say it was frustrating to not get my laptop until the school year was underway. Teachers and students both had things to accomplish through the trimester, and not having one of the main resources of the Project Based Learning curriculum was unprepared, to say the least. Though Lakeland School Corporation this last summer, the summer of 2013, has made great strides toward being a successful New Tech affiliated high school. This year compared to last year seemed like it was much more organized and efficient; we received our laptops the second day rather than the second week, and all the teachers seemed prepared, organized, and ready to do their job.

            In conclusion, I think that as long as the school focuses on becoming a successful New Tech affiliated high school they will be a driving force for the rest of our county and other nearby areas. They have already been recognized as the largest New Tech school affiliate in the country, and they are a national base to be visited as a model to show what a New Tech affiliated high school looks like. Lakeland schools are making great strides toward future education, and I hope that they are successfu