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Letter To The Editor - Presidential debates


Julie Meek



To the Editor:

     I can’t believe what’s been happening in the presidential debates. The president acts as if we have interrupted his four-year vacation by expecting him to explain to his “subjects” what he has planned for the future of “our” country. He was smirking and looking at the floor as if he couldn’t wait to get to “his” next fundraising party.

     And in the vice presidential debate, Biden was sneering and giggling so much I wondered if he had taken a tour of the bourbon factories in Kentucky and samples a little too much. It certainly couldn’t be that they have no idea what is going on around them.

     Now they are blaming Romney and Ryan for the murders at the embassy. How? I guess Bush must have an alibi for that stupid mistake. How many more murders have to take place before they admit that they are in over their heads? The bad guys are still out there and our soldiers need competent leaders to command them.

     The next election is less than a month away. We know, by the last presidential election, they will have cartoon characters, pets and dead people voting on their side. Some people even vote more than once.

     Now do you understand why your vote is needed? They may not be good at debating, but they are really good at cheating.

     No matter how bad the weather is, or how busy you are, your voting is the most important thing you will do this year. Take the time to vote. Your freedom may depend on it.