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Letter To The Editor - Politics as usual


Julie Meek



To the Editor:

    Almost another four years has gone by and we get to again be on the receiving end of political ads full of lies and half-truths. Whoopee! Aren’t you just thrilled?

    Four years ago we were promised no new taxes on the middle class, unemployment below 8 percent, the deficit would be cut in half, and best of all, hope and change we could believe in.

What did we get? Taxes through the roof and unemployment over 8 percent – nobody knows how far over because Washington has a different way of counting then us peons do. Our deficit has doubled, and the only thing we can believe in is that we hope things will change.

It all started with czars. Czars are people appointed by the president to positions that can make rules that our elected government has no control over. If any of their “changes” went wrong they could always blame Bush. And they did, over and over and over and they are still trying to. The final straw was when they decided to give guns to the drug lords across the border. When they were caught, they lied about it and when that didn’t work, they tried to blame Bush again. For gosh sakes, man up. Give closure to the Terry family and also the families of more than 200 murdered people on both sides of the border these guns have killed.

Then there were the trips around the world bowing to all the kings that we are supporting with taxpayers’ money when we could keep that money at home and feed and house our people that are suffering. In all those visits I don’t remember seeing anyone of the world’s royal families bowing back so I guess that means we still have a president, not a king. Thank goodness that the voice of the people will still rule.

In these past few years there have been so many things that were being done on the undercover (hidden) side and thank God we found out, like the government retirement benefits thanks to their unions and the schoolbooks that have changed the way our history really happened. But the nice thing about history is if you don’t study the past, you are bound to repeat it.

Consequently, way back in the 1700s there was a party in Boston that refused to pay an unbelievable amount of taxes for tea to a king and his red-coated czars that didn’t have the best interest of the American people at heart. That tax attempt led to the patriots boarding the king’s ship and dumping all the tea overboard into Boston Harbor and led to a free United States of America. Guided by a firm belief in the Ten Commandments, they wrote a constitution and a bill of rights. These are the rules that must be followed by everyone who wishes to live here.

Those rules still stand today. There are three branches of our government with equal powers. The reason for having three branches is that no one branch should be able to hold the people’s wishes as hostages. No man or woman should have the power to stop or hold back the will of the citizens of this country. Any bill that is presented to either branch should be voted on by the members of Congress that the people elected to office.

That was the beginning of the original “Tea Party.” It laid dormant for generations until we again called on it to save us from being ruled by a wannabe king who believes that taxing the people should be the rule of the land instead of following the constitution.

God bless America and keep her safe from all harm.