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Letter To The Editor - Paying It Forward


Bobbie McKee



To the Editor:

     On Thursday, April 5 at 12:20 p.m. as I was returning to work from a quick lunch break, I was sitting at the intersection of SR 9 and US 20 while the light was red. Across from me along the sidewalk in front of the Chinese buffet was an elderly woman who had fallen. She was struggling to get up but to her rescue came two citizens who saw that she had fallen. They immediately stopped and got out of their cars to help her.

     I would like to applaud these unknown citizens. They took time to help someone I’m sure was a stranger to them. They were paying it forward, as the saying goes. It was just a reminder that you never know when a kind word or action goes a long way.

            To whoever these citizens were, Thank You, and to whoever reads this, remember, no action – whether big or small – goes a long way!