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Letter To The Editor - Moose Lodge

Cassidy Mickem



To the Editor:

    The LaGrange Moose Lodge will hold a community meeting at 6 p.m. on Wednesday, February 26.

    We need HELP! The LaGrange Moose Lodge has been in this town for many, many years. And as a not-for-profit FAMILY club, you can imagine what this economy has done to us. I do not want to see another business gone from my hometown. The LaGrange Lodge does many things for our county and especially children of all ages....Easter egg hunt, scholarships, Halloween party for children and adults, adopt families at Christmas time to name a few.

    The lodge puts on $6 steak nights as well as $3 for three pieces of chicken every Thursday. It has come to the time that I am ASKING PLEASE come in and support your local business. Whether it be a meal, socializing, letting kids play (Wii, pool, etc.) or to simply relax. I am a mother of two young boys. They love going in and now have an "extended" family. We at the Moose are more than friends. We are family.

    We are saddened that we have had to put our building up for sale to move into something smaller and cheaper.

    WE NEED YOUR HELP. Any donation of any kind would be greatly appreciated. Napkins, styrofoam plates, plastic cups, fries, chicken strips or a monetary donation would be SO helpful.

    If you have any questions or would like to make a donation, you can contact me at 260-336-4324 or drop off at the LaGrange Moose Lodge.

    Again, the LaGrange Moose Lodge is a FAMILY establishment, so come on down. We would love to see you!