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Letter To The Editor - Missing Flowers

Janet Grabill



To the Editor:

    The Saturday before Memorial Day my youngest daughter and I visited three different cemeteries and left flowers on relatives’ graves. We went to Jamestown and Greenlawn in Orland and Flint.

    We left a hanging basket of flowers (pink geraniums) at our daughter’s grave in Greenlawn (Michelle Grabill Everidge) who passed away 10 years ago and a red watering can filled with purple and pink wave petunias on my husband’s grave. (Gordon Grabill passed way last June 4). The watering can was given to us at his funeral and the hanging basket was given to me by my grandchildren (Michelle’s children, Haylee and Cassten) for Mother’s Day.

    We went back on Monday to our disbelief someone had stolen both of them. We have left flowers every year on our family graves and have never had anything stolen until this year. We hope they will be returned but if not, then we hope that the culprits will enjoy the beauty of the flowers. Tears have been shed by the whole family.