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Letter To The Editor - Marriage Amendment

Jeff and Jodie Anderson



To the Editor:

    Recently, we attended a luncheon in Indianapolis hosted by the Indiana Family Institute. The keynote speaker was Governor Mike Pence. The topic was the Marriage Amendment.

    Governor Pence supports the Marriage Amendment, as we do. Other speakers and organizations represented there were The Family Research Council, Alliance Defending Freedom, Watchman on the Wall Pastor Alliance, and several churches throughout Indiana.

    Passing this amendment in support of one man and one woman helps to protect our freedom of religious liberty.

    Many people in our churches and society are deceived about this issue. Our pastors need to speak the truth on this matter. There have been people hurt by this deception. As a church, we need to stand by them as they heal. They need to be ministered to by the love of Christ.

    On average, only 33 percent of our church congregations are registered to vote. Christians, you need to step it up! Educate yourselves on these important issues! The organizations listed above have valuable resources. They are available to you.

    The Family Research Council offers free pamphlets: “Why Christians Should Seek to Influence Government for Good,” “The Top 10 Myths about Homosexuality,” and The Top 10 Harms of Same Sex Marriage.”

    Watchmen on the Wall Pastors Alliance offers resources to pastors.

    You may look these organizations up online.