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Letter To The Editor - Lincoln Day Dinner


Phil Yunker



To the Editor:

    May 16, 2013. That date was the LaGrange County Republican party’s Lincoln Day Dinner. This is a time when all Republicans come together and talk about elections that are coming up, elections that have taken place, and just good Republican fellowship. This year, we invited eight students from the four high schools in the county to learn about politics. We wanted to demonstrate and introduce to these young people who we are. Guess what? Over fifty, yes fifty elected Republican officials didn’t even show up or show any support.

    When the elections are upon us in the near future, these same fifty or so people will be coming to our fundraisers, walking in the parades and attending our Republican meetings. Is it too much to ask where were you, will you be there next year, or how do we register you on the rolls of the party.

    I cannot always attend either, but it’s because of another committee that I serve on that interferes with some of the events. Please think about this and give us some support office holders.