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Letter To The Editor - L.C. Barn Quilt Tour


Karen Weiland


Quilt Tour Chairperson


To the Editor:

It has been a little over a year since the first barn quilt was erected for the new LaGrange County Barn Quilt Tour. Many volunteer hours have been spent planning and constructing the blocks that now adorn buildings and gardens throughout the area. None of this could be achieved without the help of giving individuals, companies and boards.

As chairperson of the LaGrange County Barn Quilt Tour committee I would like to take this opportunity to thank those responsible:

The LaGrange County Convention and Visitors Bureau Board of Directors for their huge support in getting this off the ground and running and for keeping it running.

LaGrange County REMC for their help in placing the quilt blocks on buildings.

The applicants that have taken the time to paint their own blocks, you did a great job!

To my committee, Andre Yoder, Leslie Keesler, Karen Eash, Julia McIntyre and Beth Thornburg for their help in the planning stage.

Roberta Markley, thank you for all your countless hours and the use of your garage painting quilt blocks. Beth Thornburg, thank you for painting blocks, planning maps, etc. and keeping everything in line when I get a bit kinked! JoDee Hooley, thank you for all your help with the information and maps.

Kuntry Lumber, Schlemmer Hardware and D’s Seamless Gutters for working with me on the materials. The Howe School, thank you for giving me a room to paint in. The LaGrange Publishing Co. and Guy Thompson, thank you for the publicity. Mike Woolfington from the Marshall County CVB for sharing his information about their Barn Quilt Tour with us.

I recently had a couple stop to take pictures of my barn quilt and they told me they had come from Kansas just to drive our tour. They were originally from New Zealand. Wow! How cool is that!

An updated map will be available soon and can be downloaded from the CVB website at or they can be picked up at the CVB office in Shipshewana.