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Letter To The Editor - Laker pride


Mark and Kelly Garretson



To the Editor:

First of all, just let me say how proud we are of the players and coaches of the Lakeland football team. Football is an aggressive sport that takes commitment, discipline, and dedication. Both teams play hard, but someone wins and someone loses with officials on the field to make the calls.

These coaches and young players do not deserve to be called un-sportsman like or dishonorable, nor do they deserve to be grouped together with a few bad apples. They work very hard and put in hours of practice all year long to have a winning season, in sometimes awful weather conditions, and we should support them!

If Ms. Stewart was upset by the actions of these students, she herself could have stepped in or taken it to the Principal or Athletic Director instead of tarnishing this team’s reputation. The football team and coaches have put in hours of community service with groups such as Toys for Tots and Habitat for Humanity. The community has more than enough reasons to be proud of this undefeated team!