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Letter To The Editor - Laker Football

Kyle Casper



To the Editor:

    This fall, the Lakeland Lakers are taking the football field for the 50th season. With 22 seniors on the team, the Lakers return prepared and more experienced. The Lakers have had a 14-2 record the past two seasons. On Friday nights, when you have no plans and wanting to watch some exciting football, eat some popcorn, a hamburger, or even some hot chocolate, come out to support your Laker football team as they stomp through their competition on the road to a conference championship.

    With two wins under the belt already, the Lakers have so far rushed for over +300 yards a game, how couldn’t that be exciting to watch? With the conference thirsty Lakers waiting to go 8-0 they need your help and support to lead them to a conference championship. The louder the place is and the more fans the Lakers have, the better the game will be. With all the hard work the Lakers have put in this off season, you are sure to be impressed with their performance.

    The Lakers are now 4-0 in the conference and they have yet to have a close game. The Lakers defeated the Prairie Heights Panthers (27-12) for the milk can. Homecoming night was a blast. There were many in attendance to watch the Lakers defeat the Angola Hornets (31-0), holding the Hornets to a solid 48 yards rushing the whole game. The defense has really stepped up and won us a lot of games.

    The Lakeland Football Team will not disappoint anyone that comes and watches. So come on out and support the boys of fall as they win a conference championship for the 2013-2014 football season. Bring the kids or even the whole family; they will enjoy watching the Lakeland Football Team go 8-0 this season.