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Letter To The Editor - Lakeland Football

Arron Barker



To the Editor:

    With rumors throughout the county last year about the Lakeland football team being considered “thugs,” it has finally come to my attention this year that the football teams of Lakeland bring this community and school together for what the sport is. The atmosphere with the cheerleaders all the way to the parents and fans brings life to the game! Playing underneath the lights is one of the greatest feelings you’ll ever have. The countless hours we spend with each other are unbelievable. We learn to grow as a team and become a family. The things you fans see in the stands, you only know half of the story of what we are all truly about.

    This season we are not going to settle for anything than less. We don’t need people criticizing us when we’re here to bring the town together and play the sport we love. We don’t need you to bring us and the community down with any negative comments! This year we are stronger and better than ever and we will win a conference championship for this community. By showing us support, we are willing to do even more than just having you put us down.

    By showing us negativity, it’s showing us that our own county doesn’t have faith in this team! We try and show people and everybody respect and not downgrade other teams and people in this town. We do so much for this community by raising money for Toys for Tots, community service for the town. We earn the respect by our actions. Being out on that field, we know that we are representing this town and our school. We don’t go out acting like thugs. We go out and play football and win for this town and for this school, and even ourselves.

    With that said, on my behalf of the football team, I would like to say thank you to all the supporters and people who have faith in this school. It means a lot to this team that we have people out there other than our parents who have faith and believe in us when we need to do something big or that helps with the community.