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Letter To The Editor - Lagrange Dirty?

Brock Shepard



To the Editor:

    I believe that our town of LaGrange looks a little dirty. I don’t know if you or if others have noticed. Our little, once pretty town was a decent, not so hard place to look at, but now it is just dingy and dirty, seems absolutely drab in comparison to some other small towns. Do you think it could be at all possible? I do and I believe we should get started with some minor steps in the right direction.

    First and foremost, I believe that we members of the community should start cleaning up our own yards. Yes, I realize we might not have put the trash or debris there but we can still take pride in what we own and clean it! Just go out in your yard an pick up some of the trash, maybe rake it up and take it to a place where you can burn it controlled. It is not a major time and effort thing for something that small, especially since it makes a big contribution to the environment and the city.

    After that nice little minor yard work, take pride in it, right? Now number two, go out and look around to see what you can clean up next or maybe have a business/town’s person do. Someone in our community could possibly put together a group to clean up the highways, graveyard and local businesses.

    In conclusion, could we possibly get the town and others to work on getting it clean? It would be a much better place to work and live in. It could possibly even make the community grown stronger together! Thank you.