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Letter To The Editor - K9 benefit thank you



Dept. of Child Services


To the Editor:

The LaGrange County Department of Child Services would like to thank everyone that participated in the first of what we hope to be an annual volleyball benefit that went to the K-9 units of all LaGrange County and City Police Departments.

We believe everyone had a wonderful time for a good cause. We truly enjoyed getting to meet others in the community that believe in the same values when it comes to the K-9 dogs and how they protect us and we want to help protect them by donating the $462 that was collected to be divided to each K-9.

Some people don’t understand the cost that comes into play when the K-9s need to be specially taken care of so they in turn can be good partners for our officers to protect our community.

We would like to send a special thank you to LaGrange County Corporal Brian Emelander and K-9 Tyson, LaGrange Town Deputy Officer Tony Clark and K-9 Esko, Topeka Lt. Stan Strater and K-9 Daika and Arron Knisley for setting up the K-9 demonstration. Several people commented that they learned something new by watching the officers with the K-9s.

A special thank you to Tim Gonderman from Lakeland High School for the use of two gyms for the tournament and to Leon Lehman, Wendy Petty, Cliff Petty, Aaron Kirtlan, Gwen Hershberger, and the janitors for helping set up and take down all the equipment to play.

We also collected a small box of food that was donated to the Food and Clothes Basket of LaGrange.

The results were: 1st Place – Sheriff’s Dept. Team 1: Terry Martin, Kim McKibben, Randy McKibben, Tyler Randol, Tad Oakley, Ryan Oakley, and Hunter Sams; 2nd Place – Lakeland: Leon Lehman, Carolyn Hershberger, Jackie Straw, Zack Wright, Sami Wagner, and Brian Pardue; 3rd Place – DCS Team 2: Gwen Hershberger, Aaron Kirtlan, Nikki Arroyo, Marcus Arroyo, Dan Thelen, and Orvan Schlabach; 4th Place – Howe Military: Karl Vaughn, Crystal Vaughn, Zach Melen, Algirdas Laurinauicius, Rentas Issak, and Ashley Bockhodt.