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Letter To The Editor - High School Coaching

Chuck Sanders



To the Editor:

    Why does the Lakeland School System have itself in a position where they have to advertise for assistant coaches and have non-teachers in coaching positions? A coach is a teacher. Would we allow someone who worked outside the school system to teach science, PE or math?

    This could be prevented by identifying and hiring teachers who will commit to coaching teams. I have personally seen over the past several years volunteer coaches who many feel are coaching because their sons and daughters are playing and they are obviously not qualified to be a “teacher” which is what a coach is. You just needed to ask the late John Wooden. A coach is a teacher.

    Many appreciate our volunteer coaches but others resent them and think they have selfish motives for being in those positions. I don’t know what the answer is but how and why did we get to this point?

    My son will be entering high school in a couple of years at Lakeland and my hopes are that he has a “teacher” who is professionally trained and prepared to coach him in baseball and basketball, is that too much to ask from a taxpaying citizen?

    You look at the lack of attendance at sporting events and ask yourself – is that a direct result of volunteer coaches who are in this on all levels for the benefit of their children and a few other kids? The numbers speak for themselves and we don’t have the number of participants that a school the size of Lakeland should have.