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Letter To The Editor - Health and Safety Day


Roxanne Bachman

Meadowview Elementary School


To the Editor:

“WOW” is all we can say about this educational experience! On Friday, Jan. 25, Meadowview fourth graders were fortunate enough to participate in a Health and Safety Day Camp. A wealth of wisdom (WOW) was learned by both students and staff, with many people to thank for their time and efforts.

Thank you to:

LaGrange County Communications Center and Sheriff’s Department for teaching our students how and when to call 911. We also appreciate you giving our students the opportunity to get photo IDs. Many of our students do not have photographs of themselves in case of an emergency.

LaGrange Department of Natural Resources. The presentation given on water and ice safety “hit home” with many of our students. Living in an area with many bodies of water nearby, our students could easily relate to water accidents. We just hope now that our students apply what they learned.

Parkview LaGrange Hospital/EMS. The fire and first aid safety is an area in which many of our students were not very knowledgeable. We believe that after your presentations, students realized what they were taught would not only be beneficial at home, but at school, too. Thank you also for providing a healthy snack for the day and the backpack filled with first aid/safety materials.

LaGrange Sheriff’s Department and Indiana State Police. The bike safety and rules of the road were very helpful to the age of our students. We hope to see more of them wearing helmets, using arm signals, and displaying fluorescent vests when riding bikes, especially on the roads. Furthermore, Ms. Shannon, the introduction to the dangers of the Internet and social networking was quite an eye-opener to our students. Even though many of them do not have computers/cellphones/Ipods, your presentation guided them about the do’s and don’ts of technology. We would highly recommend that any preteen organization or grade level have you present in further detail about the dangers of technology.

LaGrange County K-9 handlers, seeing is believing! What better way to learn about police dogs and how they keep us safe than for our students to have the ability to see them in action. We all were more at ease knowing we have K-9 units in our county to help catch suspects.

LaGrange County REMC (Dan Levitz). Not only did our students learn about power lines and electrical hazards, but you covered quite a few of our Science Indiana state standards. Thank you!




American Red Cross. We can’t thank you enough for enabling us to have such an educational day, without us having to do any of the work. The CPR/Rescue Breathing and Choking stations were very thoroughly taught in a short amount of time, yet well enough our students could perform both if in an emergency. (It was a great refresher for the adults, too!)

Mrs. Duff’s Westview classes. We appreciate you assisting our students and the many other volunteers that made this day a success!

Mrs. Margaret Hostetler and Mrs. Jo Schrader. Our fourth grade students could not have experienced this day without all your planning and organization. Thank you!!!

Saving a life is not one of our Indiana state standards or a question on ISTEP, but we fourth grade teachers believe the Health and Safety Day Camp is more important than anything we are required to teach in the classroom!