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Letter To The Editor - Football Thank You

Jay L. Smith

Eugene Potter



To the Editor:

    On behalf of the 1964 Lakeland High School Football Team (Lakeland’s first) we would like to thank Athletic Director Tim Gonderman, the Lakeland football coaches, the 2013 football team, and the administration at the high school for a wonderful evening last Friday, honoring the 1964 team.

    The reception we received at halftime from the fans was great. We will never forget the flyover near the end of halftime by Nick Bontrager, Doug Bontrager, and Trennis Vaughn with their crop dusting planes.

    We had the following players and a manager back for the reunion: Richard Arklie, Sam Bateman, Print Booth, Raymond Boyle, Bob Barnes, Dan Chupp, Bill Fisher, Bob Gerber, Leo Johnston, and Craig Parham.

            It is so neat living in the LaGrange community.