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Letter To The Editor - Education

Seirra Bowman



To the Editor:

Who’s in control of education?

The Common Core State Standards continue to loom over the heads of Hoosier parents and their children. Indiana legislators passed HB1427 into law last spring, which charges the legislature to evaluate the federal Common Core Standards.  

After three hearings over the summer, the Indiana Legislative Study Session has yet to make a recommendation to the Indiana State Board of Education. It is imperative that we stay engaged with this issue. If it is approved, the education of our children will certainly not be determined by parents, not even by local school boards, or state officials. This is a centralized “national” curriculum, making it nearly impossible for local communities to have a say in what their children are being taught.

Attend “Common Core: Who’s in control of education?” November 16, 9 a.m. to noon, at the First Assembly of God, 1400 W. Washington Center Rd., Entrance 5, Ft. Wayne, IN. If you’d like to place parents back in control of their children’s education, come join us. 

In three short hours you will hear a presentation from Doug Meyer of Alliance Defending Freedom, Representatives from, and a panel of local experts and legislators. Sessions will also be provided for home school parents, religious school parents and public school parents providing insights on how nationalized education, via Common Core, affects students in each of these school settings. Solutions to place parents back in control of their children’s education await you. 

Our Indiana legislators and the Indiana State Board of Education value your opinions and your involvement. We have an exceptional state. 

This event is sponsored by United for Education: Defining Who's Minding the Minds.