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Letter To The Editor - Domination


Monty Strawser



To the Editor:

     The power to dominate. From the bottom of the food chain to the tippy top. Supposedly mankind is at the tippy top. So once you’re at the tippy top, whom is left to dominate? Wouldn’t that be other mankinds?

Domination does not happen without some kind of power. Mental or physical. Then that power must be continuously applied to those susceptible to that type of influence. The more influence, the more power, the more domination.

Our present Federal Government is at the top of the food chain; when it should very well be third down. 1. People. 2. States. 3. Federal Government.

Bottom feeders in high places are still bottom feeders. Too much power, too much influence, too much domination in the wrong hands does not forebode well for mankind.