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Letter To The Editor - Cultural diversity

Daemyn Priestly



To the Editor:

    LaGrange has many different cultures and we interact with them every day. It starts with us as an American culture, and from there it branches out into distinct different subsets: Amish, English, Spanish, Middle-Eastern American, etc. These cultures bring more than just their people here, but also food, music and other aspects. The community of LaGrange needs to appreciate what the different cultures do for our community.

    Many people come to LaGrange to see the Amish. Just think if we didn’t have any Amish. Tourist dollars would decrease and we would be in a bigger pinch financially. Some might find the Amish to be a little eccentric because they don’t use technology, but they are unique to others who don’t know them quite as well as we do.

    The Hispanic culture is expanding in LaGrange. We have Mexican restaurants and a Mexican grocery store. This unique feature assists in propelling LaGrange from an old-fashioned farm community to a more diverse one. According to, Indiana’s population has grown 6.6 percent, and the Spanish culture accounts for 43 percent of it statewide. LaGrange County’s population has increased 6.4 percent and I have to say most of that is because our Latino population is expanding. This is a great thing!

    With both of these cultures mixing with our own, it’s making LaGrange a unique place to live. You can see all the cultures interacting with each other, and trying to make LaGrange work for everyone. We should appreciate what these two cultures bring to LaGrange. They do a lot for this community. Earlier this year, my dad was going to work at 3 a.m., it was during those huge snow storms we got, and he saw two Amish guys riding their bikes to work. Their culture instills hard work into its individuals. Different cultures bring different things but we need all the cultures together to make LaGrange.

    As a community I challenge you to respect and appreciate what the Amish and Hispanic people are doing for LaGrange. You might not appreciate them because you don’t know how. It’s simple, really, be nice to the Amish, wave when they wave, and just be polite to them and show them the same courtesy you would want someone to show you. Thank the Hispanic for bringing their food and opening restaurants here that we all love and enjoy. Don’t treat them differently than you would treat one of your friends. As a community, we should appreciate what the other cultures like the Amish and Hispanic bring to LaGrange County and how they make LaGrange unique to live in.