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Letter To The Editor - Council on Aging


Cheri Perkins


Council on Aging


To the Editor:

The LaGrange County Council on Aging lost a very special volunteer recently. For anyone that ever comes in to the LaGrange County Council on Aging, you probably have seen “the sisters” as we often call them, along with the “two husbands” that always get dragged around wherever they are going.

Bruce Hall has passed away to go be the first in line in whatever he is doing. Whenever they would all show up very early for an activity, they would always blame it on Bruce – it would be his fault that they were so early. We always give “the sisters” a hard time that they are volunteering about as much as we are working. We can always depend on them to help out even without being asked. You can always depend on them to add life to an otherwise quiet room!

We are very saddened by the loss of Bruce, but we know he will always stay dear to our hearts and memories that we share at the LaGrange County Council on Aging. You do not often meet people that would do as much as these families do. They are great supporters of the Council on Aging and are great friends to many people that attend activities.

Please keep Barbara Hall in your thoughts and prayers. Barb, Bruce Hall, and Paul and Hazel McCoy have been the top volunteers for the Council on Aging for as long as I can remember! We do not know what we would do without everything you all have done!

“Dream as if you’ll live forever. Live as if you’ll die today.” (James Dean)