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Letter To The Editor - Corn School Thank You

Cindy Llera



To the Editor:

I would like to take the time to thank everyone who made this year’s Corn School Queen Contest a great success.

Thank you Lucy Hamilton for driving the girls all week in the parade. Yogi Miller for allowing us to display the contestants’ photos in your store window at Independent Phone (Radio Shack). The courthouse for the use of the gazebo and basement during the contest and a special thanks to Gary Mast for a great job on his first year. Dutch Blessings for the beautiful flowers. The Christian Fellowship Church for the use of their church for the tea. Parkside school for the use of their facility for the brunch. Miller Sign for the sashes for the contestants. Wicked Gorilla for designing awesome sweatshirts for the girls and the committee. Randy Eaton for taking care of the sound. Bill Eberhard for giving his time to be our Master of Ceremonies. Erin Collin for helping the contestants with their Mary Kay makeup. Estelle Carney for decorating the gazebo. Taggart Trophies for the crown. Stopher King for taking pictures of the girls. The Howe School for the cadets to escort the girls. LaGrange Publishing for printing the programs. 1991 Corn School Queen Tonya Kreider for helping all week in the absence of our 2012 Queen. Our judges, Amanda Sturgill, Vicky Pierman and Rhonda Nissley for your time and as always a big thank you to the car owners/drivers for Saturday’s parade.

A lot of little things are involved in making this contest possible. However, without our sponsors, Furever Pets, Howe Alumni Association, Lords Grain, Jen and Serbern Combs, Mickey and Charlene Lumadue, PBnJ Youth Ministries, Grand Design RV, Creed Colors, All Cut Up, Chicago Joe’s, Specialty Seeds, David Perkins, Carney-Frost Funeral Home, J&J Discount, Holiday Inn Express, Yoder’s Popcorn, Fred Hartz, Redi Care, State Farm Insurance, Schlemmer’s Hardware, Jeffrey W. Wible, Radiant Hair Salon, The Cutting Edge, Our Place, Dr. Lynn Bowen, Hillside Happenings Cleaning Service, West Park K&E Auto, Lima Elevator, Save-a-Lot, Dr. Chris Deisler and Stroh Fix It Shop and Plyley’s Candy, it would be next to impossible. Thank you so much for sponsoring the girls and giving them this opportunity.

Last and certainly not least, thank you for all of the donations that were received for prizes for each contestant. The girls loved the gifts that were given by LaGrange County Dodge, Aspanay’s, Megan Miles Photography, Kevin Lambright, Gable Photography, Robin’s Nest, Lurecraft Fisherman’s Shop, Hostetler Tire, Jeffrey James, Dr. John Egli, Frurip-May Funeral Home, Hawk Bail Bonds, Crossroad RV, Top Flight Entertainment, Myers Plant Heath Care, Mendy Albert with Bit Photography and Smart Tax by Cindy Martin and Julie Ludwig.

I would also like to give a shout out to the 12 girls that had the confidence to stand up on that stage and enjoy the time with the other girls while making memories: 2013 Corn School Queen Selena Yoder, 1st Runner Up Paige Frost, 2nd Runner Up Stacy Zapolsky, Miss Congeniality Cassandra Glick, Miss Talent Arikka Mygrant, Baylee Swank, Darrian Combs, Catherine Sievers, Alexandrea Kresse, Celeste Wentworth, Angie Lumadue and Betsy Perkins. It has been my pleasure to work with each of you. I hope to see several of you back next year.

Once again, thank you to everyone who makes this contest possible. It is greatly appreciated.