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Letter To The Editor - Constitution


Monty Strawser



To the Editor:

    If it does not form a more perfect union, it is not constitutional. If it does not ensure domestic tranquility, it is not constitutional. If it does not provide for the common defense, it is not constitutional. If it does not secure the blessings to liberty to ourselves and our posterity, it is not constitutional.

    The powers that be (PTB) have done little to enforce constitutional law. Present PTB have literally trampled the Constitution. If the House of Representatives would invoke any number of constitutional options available to them, alleviation of their self-imposed imbecility would rapidly decrease. It takes leadership, commitment, and a little bit of gumption. If the Senate had leadership, which they could have with majority rule, the president wouldn’t treat them as lap dogs. Both houses have power over the executive, not the other way around. Exercise that power, it’s there.

    We put people in positions of power to protect our rights and our country. We are losing both. Only one branch of government is flaunting his power over the past few years and he is not a constitutionalist.

            I am advocating for the side of real justice, of true Americanism. People’s rights based on constitutional principles. I oppose all that is not so