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Letter To The Editor - Community Center

Michelle Myers

Executive Director

LaGrange Communities

Youth Centers, Inc.


To the Editor:

Recently a letter appeared in this section of the paper. The letter was written by Jessica Hoover regarding the lack of “a place for people of all ages to hang out and a safe environment...”

The LaGrange Communities Youth Centers agrees with Jessica. The county does lack a facility that, in her words, “people of all ages in or near LaGrange County could benefit from.” We, too, believe that LaGrange County residents both young and old could greatly benefit from a Community Center. The LCYC has been working diligently to create just such a facility.

LaGrange County needs a facility that would offer an opportunity for youth to engage in positive activities and learn to make healthy life choices. A facility that would offer an opportunity for the elderly to continue to enjoy the current and even expanded programs offered by the LaGrange County Council on Aging.  A facility that would offer an opportunity for all community groups to gather together in a safe, positive environment.

Many of our community members believe, like Jessica, that such a facility could benefit the county in countless ways. Recently many of those community members came together at the LCYC fundraiser to support the need for a community center. We hope that community members will continue to support the LCYC in bringing this vision to Spreuer Community Park.

We agree Jessica. “Kids of all ages in the town of LaGrange need something to do and somewhere to go.” The LCYC strongly believes that kids with nowhere to go end up going nowhere! We believe that with community support we can provide LaGrange County youth with somewhere to go.

If you would like to learn more about the LCYC’s efforts, feel free to call the LCYC at (260) 463-0334.