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Letter To The Editor - Charity Softball


Wendy S. Petty, director

Indiana Department of Child Services, LaGrange County


To the Editor:

      The Indiana Department of Child Services (LaGrange County Office) organized a softball tournament on Aug. 4. There were a total of four teams – the LaGrange County Sheriff’s Department, the Wolcottville Police Department, Parkview LaGrange Hospital, and the Indiana Department of Child Services (LaGrange County).

     The Wolcottville Police Department won the tournament. The event took place at the Lakeland softball fields.

     Each player donated $5 to the Reason for Hope Organization which helps children with school supplies for LaGrange County. There was a total of $200 donated to the organization.

     Our office wants to thank the teams and the Reason for Hope Organization for donating their time to help children in the community, and the Lakeland School Corporation for allowing the tournament to take place on their fields. Thank you everyone!