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Letter To The Editor - Cemetery Issues

Tonda and Jeff Sutton



To the Editor:

     We attend the Memorial Service at Greenwood Cemetery in LaGrange almost every year. The service is always nicely done by our local American Legion and Daughters of the American Revolution. The cemetery has always, in the past, been kept up beautifully.

     This year we were disappointed in the condition of the cemetery. The section where Jeff’s mom and brothers are buried has ruts and sandy areas of dirt that have not been seeded. Where are the flowers and plants that were always planted in the big urn by the road? We had thought when we were there on Mother’s Day to put up flowers that they would have taken care of all of this by Memorial Day. We are sure we are not the only ones to feel this way as we heard several comments from others in attendance that day.

     We are glad that Terry Bollinger never had to see the cemetery looking this way. He always took pride in our cemetery being one of the most beautiful in Northeast Indiana. He was one of those people that went over and above to perform a job well done. Our cemetery always looked immaculate in his time there.

     I hope whoever is in charge will take the time to rectify the upkeep of the cemetery before it gets any worse.