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Letter To The Editor - Cancer


Shanan Staton



To the Editor:

Cancer, a word associated with sorrow and pain, has taught me to see joy.

I lost my grandmother and aunt to this disease. Watching many people I loved suffering and enduring the wrath cancer threw at them, I was left with a feeling of displacement and sorrow.

Much to my dismay, my own mother was diagnosed just a month after the joy of me delivering her first grandchild. As I watched her fight this treacherous disease, I became determined to raise awareness and funds to support cancer research.

Treatments led to more treatments surgery to more surgeries, and I watched my mom fight it all with a smile. There was no time for sorrow or pity for mom as she fought. She filled our lives with adventure, love and faith that God’s will would be done. She never lost faith, she never gave up hope.

Little did she know the lessons she would instill in me the eight years she survived after diagnosis.

She was a warrior. The days grew longer and the pain worsened as cancer overtook her. As she left this Earth, I was blessed to see the gifts she left behind, the gifts cancer gave her – determination, spontaneity, hope and faith.

I lost my mother that day who was also my best friend, mentor, and hero but cancer couldn’t take the gifts she left behind. My daughter was blessed with such a great namesake to admire.

I chose to participate in LaGrange County Relay for Life, because I believe in hope. I believe in promise. I believe in the future. I believe that I will sit and hold my grandchildren and I will be able to tell the story of how cancer took their great-grandma’s life or of how I lost friends and family to the dreaded disease. Of how their mother and I raised money, donated hair for wigs, campaigned legislation, supported researchers, provided rides, and fought to find a cure from cancer.

Join me in this fight, start a team and help rid this world of cancer. If you need any information, feel free to contact me at 260-350-0328.