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Letter To The Editor - Ark Animal Sanctuary


Brian Cochran


Ark Animal Sanctuary


To the Editor:

Thanks to everyone in the community who has helped Ark Animal Rescue & Adoptions, Inc. take over operation of the former Lagrange County Animal Shelter. Our board granted me the opportunity to take the helm as director, and I am grateful to them for their confidence.

Our first task was to change the atmosphere of the facility itself. This included not only going through the building room by room, and cleaning up the grounds, but more importantly having people in place that take pride in what we do, and sharing in our passion for the welfare of the animals.

As the atmosphere has become more pleasant, we have found that our human visitors are more pleasant as they come visit. Animals pick up on our mood first, and the more pleasant we are, the more pleasant they are. Believe me when I say that animals know when they are cared for, and when they are not cared for.

Having said that, I need to publicly thank all the community service people and volunteers that help, but most importantly, Tim Jones, Liz Binversie, and our adoption coordinator and animal care expert Sandra Cochran. They do most the hands on care of all the animals, filling them with food, medicine, water, and love. They are the most important piece of the puzzle, because they keep the animals adoptable. We fill our furry friends with love, and send them into homes to share that love.

I encourage you to come visit, and bring some love, and we will send you home with some of the same. Please treat our staff with respect, I promise you will be treated the same.

We are under contract with the county of Lagrange to provide animal control for the county residents. Please note that in order to properly fulfill that obligation, we cannot take animals from Michigan or the surrounding counties. We have limited space, and are frequently at or above capacity. The more animals we have, the harder it becomes to keep them all healthy.

As the animal control officer for this county, I may visit your home if I get a call about an animal problem. Please know that I’m there to help solve whatever the problem is. You are required by law to provide food, water, and reasonable shelter for your animals.

As the cold weather approaches, please be sure your animals can find warmth. If you have dogs out in the elements without shelter, we will probably meet this winter. I will come with care and concern for your animals, and not with judgment. Most people I visit are one time visits, but some will tell you that I don’t just go away. It is your business how you treat your animals, and it’s my job to make sure it’s humane.

Outdoor cats have a knack for finding warmth, perhaps leave your garage or barn door slightly open, and some type of refuge within. If you find young kittens, please call us before moving them. We love them, but they need their mother more than they need us. In addition, you are also required to vaccinate your pets for rabies by the time they are 6 months of age.

If you need help with pet food, please visit our book store in Howe on Wednesday between 2:00 and 4:00, or if you have not been there, come visit and pick out some books!

Please send your animal related stories to the Buddy column in this publication, and you may see it in print.

 Finally, on behalf of the animals we care for at the sanctuary, I’m asking for your support. We are looking for donors and/or sponsors to help offset some of our costs. It can be as simple as bleach or laundry soap, or as committed as paying our electric bill, our pest control bill, or our propane bill. As the end of the year approaches, remember we are a non-profit 501c3, and your donations are tax deductible. If you are or your business is interested in making a donation or sponsoring one of our regular expenditures, you can call the sanctuary at 463-4142, or mail a check to P.O. box 95, Howe, IN 46761.

 On behalf of all the animals we care for, thank you so much for all your help! Have a safe and happy holiday season, and may you experience all the joy and love your pet wishes for you!